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Single Ledger Team


PayPie is building
a Universal Single Ledger Transactions Protocol (USLTP)

simply called Single Ledger

We’re laying the foundation for blockchain applications — making business accounting smarter, more transparent and better connected.

Single Ledger is dedicated to bringing use cases of distributed ledger technology, including blockchain, to businesses, accountants and vendors. Together, we’re working toward a common objective of transforming business processes, reducing friction and improving economics. We’re joining forces to solve real-world challenges, innovate and test new ideas.

How Single Ledger is

Transforming Accounting Technology

The Problem

Modern financial and accounting systems have many unautomated steps that inject cost, risk and inefficiencies into processes. These disconnected systems place hard limits on how well different systems work together and share information with other industry participants. The resulting siloed data often leads to manual data entry and the risk of costly errors and omissions, fraud and compliance problems. Currently, large pools of accounting transactional data aren’t accessible for exchange, audit or real-time settlement by financial institutions.

ERP Connected


Join Single Ledger to collaborate with a global network of small business accounting software and application providers. Together we will develop an ecosystem ending the “garbage in, garbage out” and capturing each business’ real-time financial health. Let’s:

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Using Single Ledger’s “confirm-as-you-go” approach, a transaction entered in one accounting application is immediately available to the counterparty for approval and published on the blockchain for both parties. Let’s end the bottleneck of “confirm-after-the-fact” reconciling with:

Improved Audit and Compliance

Single Ledger innovations open doors for automation and data analytics to transform the way auditors execute their engagements through:

By improving the pace and transparency of reporting and compliance, auditors will have greater opportunities to focus on riskier and more complex transactions.

Our Mission

The move from client/server architectures to distributed ledger technology, including blockchain, is not only transforming existing business models — it’s creating new use cases, financial instruments, and accounting methods. We invite Industry leaders from forward-thinking accounting, law, tax, technology and higher education to join the Single Ledger project.

Accounting, advisory, audit, tax, law, regulatory, risk and technology professionals — we want your knowledge and expertise to help turn these possibilities into realities.

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Use Cases

Single Ledger is a collaborative project. Its goal is to provide apps and integrations to test blockchain orchestrations, pilots and proof of concepts (POCs) in order to streamline and automate accounting and finance workflows. We are creating an interoperable network governed by the Single Ledger and its members — powered by open APIs and HyperLedger's blockchain platform. The secure distributed database is offering simultaneous access to a single version of the truth to all participants in the accounting domain.

Potential accounting use cases include

Single Ledger moves businesses toward more innovative and cooperative business models. Software providers on the platform can eliminate paperwork for the businesses they serve. Along a supply chain, there’s a huge amount of logistics paperwork from start to finish for approvals, invoicing, shipping, delivery receipts, payments, etc. Leaving no space for document tampering and negligence along the way, services, like releasing shipment and payments, can be managed by smart contracts between businesses and suppliers — speeding up the entire process.


The Single Ledger infrastructure offers the following components to participants

  • Single Ledger Developer

    Single Ledger Developer

    Powered by the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), it provides secure, distributed data storage and bookkeeping, execution of complex business logic, automated contract enforcement, identity management, asset verification and tracking. Single Ledger Core manages logic, rules and conditions to validate transactions.

  • Single Ledger Core

    Single Ledger Core

    This interface provides application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) for developers within the Single Ledger network. It integrates seamlessly with other systems, entities and service providers.

    Access to Single Ledger APIs lets members integrate with internal and external systems easily. Each Single Ledger member can decide if they want to develop their own new solutions on top of the Single Ledger infrastructure. Members can build and deploy their own accounting and finance applications, test prototypes, create smart contracts as well as query and validate critical financial data, identities, and assets.

  • App Ecosystem

    App Ecosystem

    Join to build a vibrant community and extend the edge of businesses by developing variety of apps using blockchain data based on permissioned access.

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